Europe's industry leader in equal pay software

PIHR PAY EQUALITY is the software that streamlines your Equal Pay work. Independent, flexible and 85% faster.
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Meet legal requirements

The markets leading software solution generates your Gender Pay Gap reporting in seconds, as well as complete Equal Pay Audit reports.
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Use existing organizational structure

Easy to use with existing job evaluation and organizational structure
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Save time

PIHR PAY EQUALITY saves on average 85% of time in completing your Gender Pay Gap Reporting

System users

Individuals surveyed by PIHR PAY EQUALITY each year


Average time saved

Different licenses and features based on your company´s needs

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  • For smaller businesses
  • Complete Equal Pay Audits by the click of a button
  • Analyses equal and equivalent positions
  • Complies with GDPR
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  • For larger businesses
  • Work strategically with Equal Pay
  • Analyses equal and equivalent positions
  • Link Equal Pay work with other HR processes
  • Complies with GDPR
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  • For larger businesses
  • Completes Gender Pay Gap reporting in seconds
  • Complies with the legal requirement
  • Infographics solution
  • Visualize payroll and bonus gap
  • Measure and analyse change in KPI: s over time
  • Complies with GDPR

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