Have you reported your gender pay gap yet? - PIHR

If not, you’re in good company. 8 350 companies still need to report their gender pay gap before 4 April 2018  (as of 22 January, 2018).

Getting desperate?

Don’t despair – Let PIHR help! We are the industry leader in Equal Pay and gender pay gap reporting. By using our equal pay software – PIHR PAY EQUALITY you can have your gender pay gap reporting done in seconds.

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About PIHR

PIHR is an HR tech company that provides Europe’s most effective equal pay software. The company was founded in Stockholm in 2012, where we are also headquartered. PIHR also has offices in London. Our purpose is to contribute to a more equal Europe through technology. Our equal pay software, PIHR PAY EQUALITY, together with our expert consultants, are currently the first choice for some of Europe’s largest businesses.